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The Farmhouse Social is currently accepting guest content!


We expect our website to grow like crazy, like our Facebook group did! So we want to include content that will help others not only with their decor but their life. Already have a blog, vlog, or social media account? Great, we would love for you to include a link in your feature to one of your social media accounts or blog. Submit your work for us to review and if we use it, we will include the link to our almost 200,000 member Facebook group. That means a lot of exposure for you and great content for us!

If you’ve got an idea let us know!

How to Contribute:


  • • We are looking for guest bloggers/writers! Have a website article or blog post idea. We would love to read it! 

  • • Video:

    • ​Share a house tour, DIY video, vlog, or something you think would work great for our website. 

  • Photos:

    • Instagram Photos: We can share your pics on our New Instagram (and give you all the props of course)

    • Facebook Page: We can share your pictures and post on our Facebook Page.

    • On Our Website: We love adding community photos to our website.

  • We just want great content so for now all of the social media is free for you to be apart of.


What Should I Write About?

The options are endless (well maybe not completely endless but as long as they fit within our theme) We love new views and creativity that guest bring to our website. It can be funny, informative, a journey, a learning experience, decor tips, DIY, travel, and more. Like we said the options are limited only to your creativity and our theme. 

More Examples:

  • Animals: Barns, Coups, Enclosures, DIY, Tutorials, the animals, etc.

  • Gardening: Natural Methods, Traditional Methods, Informative, Design, etc.

  • Food: Preserving, Meal Plans, Recipes, Organic, etc.

  • Farm: A Day in the Life, Small Farm Life, Large Farm Life, etc.

  • City: Farm life influences in a city life, Adding farm style to city life, etc. 

  • Fun: Farm stories, Oops stories, animal workouts, decor stories, etc.

  • Informative: Developing your own style, How to’s, etc.

  • Shopping: Hauls, Home Decor, Shop with me, etc.

  • Home Improvement: DIY, remodeling, how-to projects, home organizing, before and afters, etc.

*We love pictures, but please make sure they are original and yours. (release forms have to be signed for all photos)

Original Work:

•All submitted work must be original. We do not accept any written works or other media that have been previously published or submitted to other sites or publications.

How Long Should My Post or Video Be?

We do not have a minimum or maximum word count, but we do want high-quality content that delivers a clear and complete message to our readers without overwhelming them.

We prefer the videos not be over 30 minutes long at this time, but if you have a great video that is longer don’t hesitate to send it. 

What Will Not Be Accepted? 

  • Negativity

  • Rants

  • Political

  • Rants

  • Anything That May Cause A Negative Reaction

  • No profanity or inappropriate content

  • Videos or photographs with children​

Where will my post or video be published?

Your post or video may be used on our website, facebook page, Instagram, or other media that we have access to. By summiting your post or videos you give us permission to use wherever we feel it would work the best.

Is There Compensation?

At this time we do not offer any monetary compensation for any summited post, video, photography or any other form of media. However, we may offer you a gift such as a t-shirt, drink holder, tote, or other item from time to time. This items may not always be available.  

How Do I Submit My Post or Video?

You can fill out the form HERE or send an email to with the subject being contribute. Links are below also. Please attach your written content with photos so when can proof it. If we decide to publish, we will send you an email with more information. If you have a video, email us for more information. Not all submissions will be used.