Holiday Home Decor 2020...finished!?


Holiday Home Decor 2020 Series - Part 3

So our last stop is Dollar General, which always seems to be open.

Okay let’s be honest, are you a last minute shopper and decorator? too!!

I will be getting things ready and wrapped until the guest arrive. I could have put a ton more on the list, because there are just so many cute little decor items at this store, but you do have to go in and pick them up, most are not available online. If you have a Dollar General in your area you know its perfect for quick in-store pickups an that's why it is perfect for this last minute post. you see the incredibly affordable prices!?

  1. Microlight Berber Throw - $15.

  2. Rustic Milk Can Ornament - $1.

  3. Metal Joy Ornament - $1.

  4. Christmas Ceramic Cookie Jar - $5

  5. Christmas Apron - $1.

  6. Christmas White Book Stack - $3.

  7. Round Plaid Ornament - $1.

  8. Galvanized Christmas Bucket - $6.

  9. Surgar Cloud Christmas Candle - $5

  10. Christmas Buffalo Check Pillow - $8

I really enjoyed this shopping trip blog and I hope you did too!


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