Taking a Photo

Feature Photo, and/or Video Submission

Notes for a good feature:

  • Include at least one amazing image of the final product, project, idea, house, etc.

  • A short introduction to you and/or your blog. This can include 1 link to your blog or social media.

  • If it is a tutorial, show us the process with as many photos as you can. It must be a full tutorial. 

  • Final images and a before image, if applicable. Please include a variety of angles and both portrait and landscape orientation, if possible. Images may contain a small, unobtrusive watermark if you would like

  • Product sources, as available, but no links please.(We may add our own relevant affiliate links in the future, if any.)

  • If submitting a video, please gives us a short introduction to you and the video. Remember not to move the camera to fast and make any editing you can to make your video stand out. If you do not have an editing program and if we are going to use your video we can edit it.

  • Remember to have fun and enjoy what you are doing!



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